Water heaters: how to choose the right model?
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Water heaters: how to choose the right model?

By Ariston

Water heaters: how to choose the right model? Are you moving to a new home or are replacing an old water heater that has suddenly broken down? Or is it just that your current model is obsolete and you'd like a more modern one, and maybe with a higher capacity too? Whatever your reasons are for buying a new water heater, we'd love to help with three factors to keep in mind when choosing the best model for us.

  1. Research the various types available in the market
    Gas, electric, renewable energy or even wood: there are various types of water heater available on the market nowadays. In general, if you’re replacing an electric or gas model, our tip is to opt for a solution that doesn’t mean renewing your whole system.
  2. If it’s an electric water heater, look at its capacity
    A key factor to consider when choosing an electric water heater is its capacity, which will depend above all on our daily hot water requirement. The needs of a one person living in a studio apartment with one bathroom are going to be very different from that of a family with two bathrooms. Generally speaking, we would say that a family of four needs a water heater for at least 100 litres, which would provide enough hot water for at least four showers a day. It’s also important not to underestimate the energy aspects. Given that electric water heaters consume a lot of energy, we recommend choosing a high efficiency model.
  3. Important characteristics
    When buying a new water heater, it’s important to consider the following characteristics:
    - warranty: most water heaters last around 8 years, so it’s best to opt for a warranty that covers the longest period possible and gives you peace of mind about any failures that might occur during the water heater’s life cycle.
    - memory function: the most up to date water heaters have special software for storing usage data. This is a highly useful optional that can automatically adjust temperature and power settings to avoid wasting energy.
    - trouble shooting function: essential for identifying problems and finding remedies without unnecessarily contacting technical assistance.

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