Who we are

Bring comfort to everyone, even where it seems hard or impossible to find

Ariston at a glance 

Ariston is the global specialist in water heating and heating products. It provides people all over the world with solutions for their comfort based on:

  • Advanced Performance
  • Everlasting Quality
  • Italian Design

Thanks to the use of the best technologies and certified efficiency, customers save on maintenance and component replacement costs, as well as enjoying considerable savings on their electricity bills.

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The journey of challenge

  • 1930s
    Aristide Merloni fonda nel 1930 l'azienda Industrie Merloni

    Aristide Merloni founds “Industrie Merloni” company

  • 1960s
    inizia la produzione  degli scaldacqua elettrici

    Our brand is launched and the production of electric water heaters begins. 

  • 1980s
    Avvio della produzione delle caldaie

     We consolidate our market leadership in water heating and the production of boilers begins.

  • 1990s
    Ariston diventa globale con il lancio in Cina e Russia

    With the launch in China and Russia, we start our evolution into a global brand.

  • 2000s
    Ariston lancia le pompe di calore per innovazione e sostenibile

    We successfully develop and launch our new model in heat pump, which marks our development into innovative and sustainable heating technology.

  • 2010s
    Ariston è sinonimo di comfort per la famiglia

    The development of our brand positioning in thermal comfort begins with the first definition of the new visual identity. Global growth continues, from America to Asia.

Ariston's technologies cover all your life needs

Navigate through Ariston's technlogies that perfectly meet the needs of your daily living

Bring comfort to everyone, even where it seems hard or impossible to find

Ariston takes action on introducing new ways of bringing comfort to every corner of the world: finding where comfort has not been fully reached and innovating methods for adjusting the concept of comfort to people’s lives.

Ariston Values


When Ariston talks about heat, it’s not only referring to energy but also human warmth, including care for customers. This is why comfort is the prime asset of Ariston products, which help improve people’s lives with their technology and design.


In addition to real savings of money and energy, Ariston is committed to offering solutions that respect the environment and work for a better quality of life across the planet. To do this, it develops renewable energy solutions and technologies and promotes the use of sustainable energy sources.


For Ariston, innovation means making people’s lives easier. Ariston technologies guarantee reliable performance over time and advanced safety systems without sacrificing aesthetics, thanks to avant-garde designs.